China Singapore maritime special line

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       China Singapore maritime special line

  To handle all the procedures for China's export to Singapore by sea, including customs declaration fee, inspection fee, document fee, export bill, wharf fee, commodity inspection fee, Singapore Customs clearance fee, delivery fee, etc,

  The implementation of double customs clearance, delivery door-to-door one-stop all inclusive service. The fee is transparent. The Singapore consignees only need to pay 7% import GST (consumption tax) without any other charges.

  Singapore's maritime logistics can be reached all over the territory; its strong customs clearance capability enables any goods to be exported for customs clearance except contraband or special commodities.

  All you need to do is fill in one copy“Cargo list(Packing List),Just send us the goods.
Cargo list


Singapore maritime service process:

  (1)、Inquiry: confirm whether the goods can be transported to Yangcheng Business Specialist, inquire about the charging standard, and determine the packing precautions. (you can receive the goods in the name of an individual or a company, without the right of import and export, and Yangcheng will complete it on behalf of you.)

  (2)、Delivery: according to the delivery address given by the business specialist, deliver the goods to Yangcheng warehouse. The warehouse has no warehousing fee and provides free storage up to 10 days.

  (3)、Shipment: the goods are complete, fill in the packing list, inform the shipment, arrange the loading. Container loading is 3-4 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and the normal shipping time is 8-10 days. In case of Shanghai customs inspection, bad weather, port congestion and other conditions, the time will be delayed. Please understand.

  (4)、Settlement: the business specialist will give the details of the expenses after shipment.

  (5)、Receiving: matters needing attention: (1) whether the number of packages is consistent with the number of packages when loading; (2) whether the outer package of the articles is damaged. In case of any of the above problems, please reject the delivery note. Please contact us for consultation.

  【Classification of seaborne goods in Singapore】

  Our goods are: furniture, lamps and lanterns, cosmetics, beauty appliances, bags, clothing, shoes and hats, leather, bedding, electronic products, toys, auto parts, building materials, hardware accessories, handicrafts, sanitary ware, medical equipment, machinery and other products. In addition to prohibited goods or special commodities, all other articles (including imitation brand) can be exported and passed through customs. We will provide you with professional transportation channels with high safety, good timeliness and favorable price. Yangcheng people will serve you sincerely! (warm tips: log products, such as furniture, wooden pallet, etc., are exported to Singapore by sea without fumigation treatment.)