What are the logistics transportation modes of domestic expo

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  What are the common modes of logistics transportation in Cambodia?

  Transportation refers to the transportation of goods from one area to another with equipment and tools. With the changes of the times, people abandoned the old mode of transportation, and gradually replaced the rickshaw with cars, boats and even airplanes. Especially in economically prosperous areas, a large number of modes of transportation have emerged. The following section tells you about the common transportation modes of Cambodian Logistics:

  1.Highway transportation of Cambodia Logistics

  This is a Cambodian logistics transport using road facilities, equipment or other trackless vehicles. Because the truck is smaller than other means of transportation, it is more flexible and can achieve door-to-door delivery. However, due to the small carrying capacity of this mode of transportation, it needs more round trips, so high energy consumption and high transportation cost are unavoidable.

  2.Railway transportation of Cambodia Logistics

  This is a well-known Cambodian logistics transportation mode using railway facilities and equipment to transport goods. Railway transportation and automobile transportation constitute the main land force of transportation. The train is large in size, large in carrying capacity, strong in transportation capacity, low in cost and not easy to be delayed. However, the construction and maintenance of railway engineering needs a lot of manpower and strength, which is difficult to promote.

  3.Waterway transportation of Cambodia Logistics

  This is a kind of Cambodian logistics transportation mode, which uses ships as the means of transportation to transport goods in rivers, lakes, oceans and other waters. Waterway transportation includes inland river transportation, coastal transportation and ocean transportation. However, the sea weather is changeable, this mode of transportation is more affected by the environment and climate, and the transportation risk is very high, which only applies to the transportation of some low value goods.