Ø Trucking & Warehousing

  We own more than 30 trailers. In addition, we maintain a good partnership with various car companies. We can allocate nearly 300 trailers in the market. Can guarantee the trailer demand of our cooperative customers in peak season.

  We have established good faith and mutual benefit cooperation relationship with various vehicle companies and customs, providing customers with a good logistics supply chain and information platform.
          It can undertake general trade and customs clearance transportation business in Guangdong.
       With 24-hour service, strong strength and strict management, more than 40 professional customs declaration personnel provide you with fast customs clearance and comprehensive and thoughtful service in Shekou, Yantian and Shenzhen airports, so as to ensure that your land transportation of goods is more safe, convenient, punctual and reliable.

 Domestic Trailer Business:


Warehousing Business:

There are general warehouses in Shekou, Yantian, providing value-added services such as goods storage, import and export LCL, trailer, packaging processing, distribution, delivery, etc.

Warehouse Advantages

    Customs office in Logistics Park

 Supervise the warehouse and refund the tax after warehousing

 Good warehouse facilities reduce damage and delay

 Closed gate management and 24-hour security monitoring are implemented in the warehouse area

 Integrated Oscar storage system——After pasted, the barcode is scanned directly into the storage system