The third Southeast Asia Logistics Conference opens next mon

 Industry trends     |      2020-12-18 00:40
 The Third Logistics Conference of Cambodia will be opened next month, and its status as a logistics hub in Southeast Asia is rising day by day

     Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, will hold the third logistics conference next month, which marks the increasing status of Cambodia's logistics special line as an important logistics hub in Southeast Asia. According to the forecast of Mordor intelligence, the market scale of Cambodia's logistics special line will reach 2.25 billion US dollars by 2023.

  According to a study released by agility, one of the world's leading logistics companies, the ranking of Cambodia's logistics special line in Xingxin global index is significantly higher than that of last year.

  In addition, the number of Cambodian logistics special line companies has also increased sharply. According to the data provided by the freight forwarding Association of Cambodia, in the past five years, nearly 500 registered logistics companies have been operating in Sihanouk City, Phnom Penh and other provinces and regions, including branches of local companies and internationally renowned enterprises, such as Maersk, Japan express, OOCL and Ben line agencies.

  Organizers expect 100 to 500 people from Cambodia and others to attend the meeting at the Davis hotel in Phnom Penh from April 18 to 20. Most of the participants are from the local Cambodian logistics company, and representatives of international freight companies from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Europe will also be present.